Fall Bourbon Raffle

Set to be done on/about 11-30-17


Why this is important is I would like you to deal only with me.  This is a large raffle lot and I have over 100 people on the list and I want to ensure everything is done accurately with very little confusion.  


TIPS:  Please review this list carefully and get your wish list prioritized so when I call you, you're ready with your selection.  Please don't ask for time to do some "research" as that makes all of those chosen behind you have to wait further.  Please no flipping.  We know how rare these items are and that's why we do this raffle process, to encourage our customers to buy to consume, share, and gift these items.  Finally, feel free to pass.  If you had your heart set on something and it's gone by the time you were chosen...pass.  We'll choose another name and that just might make someones day/month/year?(I'm just sayin.  2016 was rough man and a great bottle of hooch could really brighten an outlook).  Finally: Enjoy!  Here's what we got!

 I'll put the edited # of bottles on the left:




1st spotcheck showed no mistakes, but there may be one still.  I'll start pulling names sometime tomorrow and get on the phones.  Good luck everyone!

Thanks.  Jim


Once again, we will be doing our Fall Bourbon raffle to fairly distribute the Pappy Van Winkle, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and other of the rare bourbons we've gotten recently.  We plan on doing the raffle as soon as we get this years allocation.  However, we do not know exactly when it is coming so please be patient with us.  Remember, you must sign up in person at the store as we are not adding names to the list over the phone.  When we start the raffle, I will put a list on our website of what we have and how many bottles we have of them.  When winners are first notified of being selected, we'll ask them to view our list and prioritize their choices so when they get the second phone call from us, they will be ready to make their selection.  

The raffle will work as it has the last few years: The 1st person drawn gets the 1st choice of what we have, the 2nd person gets second choice and so on and so on until the last person gets the last bottle.  We wish you the best of luck and we look forward to seeing you soon!


P.s. Remember, the above views are Jim's alone and do not represent those of Blue Max Liquors Inc.

P.p.s. Remember, Jim is very opinionated and he knows he is not the "Morality Police", but would take the job if elected to it.